Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham served as the first Commissioner for Future Generations in the Israeli Parliament, the author of the book Future Intelligence. Shoham is teaching Emotional Intelligence, Meditation, Bio-energy, Future Oriented Leadership and Holistic Leadership worldwide.

This is a period in which the human species is beginning to free itself of the chains of consciousness that divide and discriminate between people. It is a period in which we are creating a realm of conscious understanding that we are all one and that creating a desirable future cannot leave anyone of us behin.

אנו נמצאים בעידן בו המין האנושי התחיל להתיר את עצמו מכבלי החשיבה המבדלת והמפלה בין אנשים. עידן בו התחלנו להבין כי אנו בעצם מהווים יחידה אחת ושהצורך ביצירת עתיד רצוי הוא נחלת כולנו.
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